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Winslow Hoffner's Incredible Encounters


Winslow Hoffner's Incredible Encounters


Sea Stories / Folkloric Fantasy / Humor

For most, Bayfield is a quaint, unassuming harbor town. For some, the  decades-old headlines alleging unexplainable sightings of strange  creatures in the water tell a different story. For a select few, the  truth behind these legends, speculations, and folklore is more than a  mere mystery: There’s magic in the bay. And for local fisherman Mr.  Winslow Hoffner, it’s all just a matter of finding yourself in the wrong  place at the right time... 


"Sometimes you come across something so amazing that it is really hard to put into words that quite encapsulate what you want to say . . . Starting with style, Michael has tons of it to spare. His writing is unique, vivid and engaging. The entire time you get the impression you are either on Winslow’s fishing boat, or listening to Winslow while joining him in a root beer. The writing is witty, funny, and totally a fun ride . . . I can highly recommend Winslow Hoffner’s Incredible Encounters  to anyone who is looking for a great story. Be warned, you are going to be looking for more from this gifted author!" - Bryan Nowak, Author, Blogger. 

"Amazing creatures, exotic places, and  unforgettable characters . . . The story flowed and the author’s writing style drew me in quickly . . . I can’t wait to read more by this author! - Feathered Quill Book Awards  Judges' Comments

"This is a  wonderful, humor-filled, well written set of tales, involving the same  characters and a LOT of different creatures.  I sincerely hope this is  not the only book we ever see regarding Winslow Hoffner, because he's  awesome!!!" - Robin Abess, Amazon Customer

World of the Orb


World of the Orb



YA / Portal Fantasy / Adventure


Best friends Marvin and Andy have just discovered the Museum of Natural  History’s unnatural secret: The Orb, a mysterious relic that plunges  these two modern teens into a medieval world of monsters, myth, and  magic. To return home, they must embark on a global treasure hunt to  unite five elemental crystals, all while eluding the eye of a tyrannical  warlock bent on conquering the Realms. This isn’t the field trip they  expected…


"I  loved this! Kids & parents will love this too . . . Your plot is intriguing and  you've created characters that will bring readers back . . . Overall, a  great debut!" - Feathered Quill Book Awards  Judges' Comments.

"Marvin and Andy took me back to my high school years . .  . The characters are great, and the writing is right on point. With a  little luck and a lot of savvy marketing, Michael Thompson could have a  breakout hit on his hands here." - Ray Simmons, Readers' Favorite. 

The Chicken Boy Series

Chicken Boy and the Wrath of Dr. Dimwad (2007)


Book 1: When an ordinary chicken is fed radioactive birdseed, the small town of  Oakwood takes a turn for the extraordinary, and a brand new superhero is  hatched!  With the help of his friends, Chicken Boy the Winged Defender  takes on mad scientists, monsters, and more in this action-packed and funny illustrated children’s chapter book. 

Chicken Boy and the Destruction of the Doggy Doo Doo Demons (2009)


Book 2: Professor Big Nose has engineered his  latest creation, a radioactive goblet. Any inanimate substance that is  placed into it is brought to life. But, when the wrong substance falls  into the goblet, things get messy! Join the Winged Defender and all his pals in their quest to save the world!

Chicken Boy and the Fight of the Ferocious Flowers (2011)


Book 3: When the Doggy Doo Doo Demons were  defeated, they were turned into manure. Unfortunately, they were still  radioactive. Now, anything planted in the manure becomes a hideous  monster! Join Chicken Boy and all his friends, as they discover that the  grass is meaner on the other side…