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Michael Thompson featured on the cover of Gainesville Lifestyle Magazine.

Between the Lines

Michael discusses World of the Orb, the Chicken Boy Series, and his new book, Winslow Hoffner's Incredible Encounters, with Hannah Bauman of Between the Lines Editorial.

Wolf Notes

Michael talks about his latest book, future installments of World of the Orb, and more with fellow author A.L. Kaplan.

Lifestyle Magazine

Michael Thompson chats with Debbie Eisele of Gainesville Lifestyle Magazine about World of the Orb, the Chicken Boy Series, future projects, and the life of an indie author.

Author / Illustrator Spotlight

Michael chats with fellow author/blogger D.M. Patterson about writing, self-publishing, and the development of his YA portal fantasy novel, World of the Orb.

The GU Book Crew

"GU Book Crew took a short trip west of D.C. to Grounds Central Station, a coffee shop in Manassas, Va., to chat with local fantasy and science fiction author, Michael Thompson..."

Northern Virginia Magazine

Michael Thompson discusses the release of World of the Orb  with Cameron Wall of Northern Virginia Magazine.

Podcast Interviews

Michael Thompson discusses the key to writing realistic dialogue with fellow author Joseph Leo Hickey in this clip from the Hungry Poets' Podcast.

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