Hire Michael

Michael speaks to Chicken Boy fans about how a story he wrote in fourth grade developed into a book.

School Talks & Events

As an inspirational speaker, Michael has spoken to audiences of all ages about staying creative, following their dreams, and the writing and publishing process.  He has been the featured author for Read Across America and Literacy Night, a self-publishing panelist at Fall for the Book, and a special guest at a variety of conventions, book fairs, and festivals.


"Michael Thompson's presentation  was fantastic! The students were engaged and eager to hear more. He  visited our school during Read Across America Week  to talk about being a  writer and share his books . . . The students loved hearing about the writing process, and they are  constantly asking to check out his books in our library.  It was really neat to see the students get so excited to meet the author of some of  their favorite books.  I highly recommend having Michael visit your  school.  Your students will thank you!" - Sheri D'Amato, Librarian, Cedar Point Elementary

"Michael has put together a great presentation!  He incorporates the writing process and explains how he started writing at the elementary level.  He is very engaging and energetic.  Students really enjoy it. He has been speaking to my students for years and has really inspired them!" - Chuck Aracich, Teacher, T. Clay Wood Elementary

"Mr.  Michael Thompson spoke at our recent Literacy Night and shared his  writing process and the evolution from idea to finished product.  He  also read from his books. Our students loved his presentation and were  very interested to read his books which we now have in our library. I  recommend Mr. Thompson for school literacy or reading events."  - Andrew Buchheit, Principal, T. Clay Wood Elementary

Setting Up an Event

Talks generally last around 45 minutes. These can include the main topic, along with a reading and/or Q&A period.  For younger audiences How to Draw Chicken Boy  tutorials and raffles for original artwork can be added.


Please email admin@michaelthompsonbooks.com for rates and availability. Gas/airfare and lodging fees may be required and can depend on distance, time of year, etc. To keep costs low, additional schools and libraries can split travel/lodging costs, and Michael can stay in your area for extra days to meet everyone.

Distributing book order forms is appreciated (see Press Kit).  Students can order Michael's books in advance and on the day of the event, Michael will arrive with the autographed books. Alternatively, a book signing can be set up after the event.

Speaking Reel

Michael Thompson teaches aspiring storytellers how to draw Chicken Boy the Winged Defender at Read Across America.

Panel Clips

Populating Your Fantasy World. Clip from YABBA Fest Worldbuilding Panel.

Going "Beyond the Page" with Marketing. Clip from Fall for the Book Self-Publishing Panel.